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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What part of the project does Flying Foam manage?

    Flying Foam tailors the Project Delivery to each client ranging from equipment supply to full turn key project delivery.

  • What is involved in installing a new brewery?

    Brewing and distilling are industrial processes and require building service connections. Flying Foam will design and deliver the building service interface to accommodate your brewing and distilling aspirations.

  • Do Flying Foam offer brewing services?

    Flying Foam offers full brewing and distilling services. From recipe design, provision and processing of ingredients through to processing and final product delivery.

  • How much space does a new brewery or distillery need?

    NanoCraft brewery sits on a front of house foot print of 22 sqm with a back of house service area of 12 sqm. StillCraft 100 sits on a front of house area of 8 sqm with a back of house bonded process area on 12 sqm.

  • Is Flying Foam equipment Australian certified?

    Flying Foam equipment is designed to Australian design code standards and is delivered with WorkSafe Australia design certification.

  • Does Flying Foam have craft beer equipment in stock?

    Flying Foam carries stock of NanoCraft Brewing and StillCraft Distilling equipment to reduce project delivery times.

  • What size commercial brewhouses does Flying Foam offer?

    Flying Foam delivers fully automated & integrated brewing platforms ranging from 6 HL, 12 HL, 24 HL, 48 HL and 100 HL with Australian design certified cellar tanks in single, double, triple and quad configurations.

  • How long does it take to get a brewery?

    The timeline to manufacture your craft brewing or distilling equipment will depend on the scope of the project. Get in touch to discuss your project scope and we can provide you with a deliverable estimate.

  • What types of automation are offered?

    Flying Foam has perfected small production automation through process to CIP, the level of automation is designed to meet each clients application.

  • How long is the warranty period on equipment?

    Flying Foam equipment comes with an extensive 12-month warranty.

  • Can I just purchase equipment from you?

    Flying Foam supplies equipment and brewing components from tri-clamps and seals up to full brew and distilling kits and everything in between.